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owner, bEn de cordova

Ben De Cordova is celebrating 50 years as a renowned hairdresser and barber/stylist, Ben is formerly from Beverly Hills, California. As a celebrity stylist, he has styled hair on well-known actors and actresses as well as beauty contestants for Miss America and Miss Russia and top fashion models. Ben's artistic abilities have him highly decorated as a national and international award-winning hairdresser and barber/stylist.

As a designer for Film, TV Stars, Top Models and the Miss America contestants, Ben has been behind the scenes creating the looks that help influence us and never settling for what has been achieved, but always looking forward for his inspiration. Ben is a contributing technical author and the creator of a new art form called "Hair Floristry" using human hair to create beautiful hair flowers as ornaments.

Specialty Skills: As an ambidextrous hair cutter, Ben's unique technical approach to designing is not only fresh, but futuristic to watch.

Ben's Approach to Education: "I wish to communicate the vision through hands-on programs designed to allow everyone to be involved in the process. Sharing my passion, knowledge and skills with stylists makes me feel like I have given back to the greatest industry that has given me so much."

Ben De Cordova creates impressive and eye catching hair styles. Ben says there is architecture in hair cutting, coloring and styling. It is important to "design" a haircut for each individual. The client's lifestyle, body proportions, head, facial features and profile, hair density, texture, and growth patterns are all things that influence the shape and design of the style.